I spend a lot of my life feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. When one thing is off track, it seems it quickly all is. All of a sudden the life that felt sort of manageable feels altogether UNMANAGEABLE.  I feel completely lost as to how I can get back in control.

This is no coincidence. There are countless studies that show how all areas of our lives are interconnected. A cluttered environment lends itself to a cluttered mind. When our finances are out of control,we tend to eat haphazardly as well. Everything spirals out of control together. Chaos breeds chaos.

When this happens, it all can seem rather hopeless. I have no idea where to start, so I don’t start at all. With this many issues how can I possibly ever tackle them all?? So to feel better, I eat MORE, I spend MORE, I do less, I pray less—and it all gets worse. Lather,rinse, repeat?

Does this sound familiar to you?

It’s easy to feel like a complete failure compared to those “Pinterest Moms” who seem to have it all together( they don’t, by The way) .Where do I even start? How can I ever change EVERYTHING about myself ? But that’s when it hit me. What if this wasn’t really a whole bunch of issues?  What if it was just one?

That’s when I saw it in all its ugliness, staring at me dead in the face.

I have no discipline.

I live at the mercy of my emotions. I have no routines. I waste much of my day deciding what to do next. I eat when I can fit it in. I’m often scrambling to catch up, always working from behind , and constantly buried. I have goals but I have no idea how to fit them into my life. They get lost in the shuffle. I spend every second just trying to stay a float.

Meanwhile budget takes the back burner and the bills pile up- because shopping helps me forget the crazy failure feeling  I’m fighting.

The scale goes up- because I am never prepared to make healthy meals and fast food is easy and comforting.

My house is a mess because I feel so hopeless that I can’t even pretend to keep up.

So. It’s time to stop the cycle. I have to get back in control of my life or rather give it back to God and let him help me sort it all out.

Do you ever feel lost in all your responsibilities? Do you ever feel overwhlemed By your life? Do you ever wonder how other women make it look so easy? I do.

So this year I’m going to dedicate myself to seeking discipline in my life. I plan on working through these 5 areas.

Spiritual discipline

Physical discipline

Financial  discipline

Household discipline

Relational discipline

Join me as I uncover simple steps to being closer to God , healthier bodied, debt free, financially stable, and free of clutter and chaos,and fully invested in the lives of the people I love.

What areas of your life are lacking discipline? What areas are you disciplined about? What tips can you offer me for incorporating more discipline into my own life?


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