Finding Your Blog’s Vision

I remember when I started thinking about this whole “blogging thing” a few years ago. My family desperately needed more money, I had no time and three young kids at home. When I read about how other moms were making money blogging from home, I knew it would be a perfect fit for me.

I wish I could tell you I raced to my computer and started writing a successful blog that was an instant success and we all lived happily after. That is not my story.

I starting researching and got discouraged. I had no idea how to begin. It seemed like a million steps and every expert had a different list of things I had to do. Meanwhile, kids were crying, band aids were needed, laundry piled up. So. I did nothing. I wrote a few random blog posts on a free WordPress blog and the dream fizzled as quickly as it had begun.

One of my favorite quotes states that “a year from now, you will wish you had started today.” What a powerful truth. Now that I look back, I wish I would have dove in head first! Who knows where my blog would be by now! But sometime is better than never, and now I know that creating a successful blog is something almost anyone can do.

So here it is——TADA!!!!!!!  My guide to creating a successful blog in SIMPLE bite-sized steps. This can take you from nothing but a dream ALL the way to making your blog pay your bills! So let’s get started with our first step! Finding your blog’s vision.

When starting a successful blog, or any business for that matter, you need a clear idea of who you are. This first step to a successful blog may seem simple and unproductive (can’t I just get on with it already??) but without it, you may tank your blog before it ever begins.

There is a lot of talk in the blogging world about finding your niche. I am not big on niches. It is good for some people-if their vision is very specific, but for me I was scared a niche would pin me down like a butterfly on cardboard. I wanted freedom to express myself as the mood struck me.So instead of a niche, I decided to focus on finding a vision for my blog.

Every successful money-making blog has one thing in common-it is intentional. Intentional blogs have a united vision that comes behind every word that is published. Every piece of content is carefully viewed through the lens of that blogs purpose, if it fails to help the blog’s vision it is disregarded or altered until it becomes another building block.

It stands to reason then, if all of our content must work to enhance our vision, we must first have a good understanding of what that vision is.For instance, my Blog, has had a vision since day one. I work to encourage, support, and enable mothers to be financially, emotionally, physically, and spiritually successful.

This is my passion. As a stay at home mom I struggled A LOT. It was lonely and difficult and sometimes it was downright ugly. I had never felt more alone. It is my mission that no mom would ever feel that way again once they find my blog.

I want to help the moms crying behind their bathroom doors. Why? I have been there and I have been desperate for that support myself.

In order to start clarifying your blog’s purpose, get to a quiet area (this is where you stay at home moms all roll your eyes at me-yes I know how hard it is) and ask yourself these questions. Let your brain connect to your soul for a bit. You may be surprised how the two can work together to create something super special!

  • What do you care about more than anything?


  • What do you love to talk about?


  • What kind of blogs speak to you? Why?


  • Who do you long to help?


  • In what areas are you an expert?


In light of these questions, take some time and really think about who you are and what you have to offer. Don’t rush the process. This process takes time, and the time you spend thinking about this is well spent.

When you feel like you have it-your purpose or at least an inkling of it, begin to think about what audience may benefit from your purpose.  I knew I wanted to write a self-improvement blog right away. But, I later used that vision to narrow down my audience-tired moms in need of support.

You know that saying, “you can’t please everyone all the time?” Well a similar thing is true here, you can’t write for everyone all the time. You need a target demographic. Who are you speaking to? What age, career, interest, or gender will your vision be of interest to?

The awesome thing about knowing your vision and your intended audience is that you can now begin to WRITE!!

You are not ready to publish yet, but once you have your vision and audience it is a great idea to start writing and try it on. Writing with the right vision and for the right audience should flow from your fingers fairly easily. Your words should be tailored for your unique purpose.

Sometime I find it helps me to picture a member of my audience sitting across the table from me.

  • How old are they?


  • What would they want to know?


  • How would I explain it to them?


  • What questions would they ask?

Suddenly writing becomes a two person process. You are interacting with your imaginary audience. Picturing your audience will color your writing. It will lend it credibility and authenticity.  Try your hand at writing two or three (or thirty if you are a “shiny apple” overachiever) and see how it feels. Sadly, if it doesn’t feel right, it probably isn’t. Start over.

Go back to the drawing board and reexamine your vision. It is worth it to redo this as many times as it takes. Your vision is everything, your bulls-eye and your road map. It is much easier to get it right now than to build an entire blog around something you just don’t care about. Trust me. I’ve tried.

Once you get through this step, congratulations!!!!!!   You are well on your way to a money-making blog! You already have a vision and know your audience, which puts you ahead of many of the blogs thrown haphazardly on the internet everyday.

It’s time to move on to step two-  Choosing a Blog Name.

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    Thanks so much Verla! I’m all about helping others succeed!

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