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Becoming a More Disciplined Disciple

I spend a lot of my life feeling overwhelmed and discouraged. When one thing is off track, it seems it quickly all is. All of a sudden the life that felt sort of manageable feels altogether UNMANAGEABLE.  I feel completely lost as to how I can get back in control. This is no coincidence. There  ...

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Finding Your Blog’s Vision

Finding Your Blog’s Vision I remember when I started thinking about this whole “blogging thing” a few years ago. My family desperately needed more money, I had no time and three young kids at home. When I read about how other moms were making money blogging from home, I knew it  ...

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Is today’s church falling out of love?

  We are called to love without conditions. That means everyone. That doesn’t mean everyone who deserves it, everyone who agrees with us, or people we consider to be safe. It means every SINGLE one. We, as the church, need to stop wasting our energy looking for justifications that  ...

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